So, you want to know more about MetalWasp?

"MetalWaspMedia is an award winning production company founded in 2009 by film maker Dan Sanchez. It now exists as a well established business with videos gaining millions of views online as well as regular airplay on TV. Featuring on channels such as Kerrang, Scuzz and MTV in the UK as well as America and beyond.

In their time they've worked with big artists across the globe such as Monuments, Tesseract, Sikth & Protest The Hero. They've also played a big part in helping relatively unknown bands gain a much wider audience through competitions. Some of which went on to play huge festivals such as Download and Sonisphere."

What else can we say to entice you? Well, we're friendly, hard working and know the business from both sides. We've been in bands for many years and produced videos for countless artists. This has given us the experience to create some awesome looking music videos. We're also nerds for cameras and technology, which sure helps!
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