The road to music video production

Step 1 - Getting in contact

So, you'd like to make a video of your own? That's great! Once you've spoken to us we will find out as much as we can about you, your image and what you wish to see in the video. If you have any ideas of your own, be sure you send them over. The more information we can get, the better the final result will be.

If you wish to give us full creative control by using our own ideas, that's absolutely fine too. We love getting stuck into a new, exciting project and as soon as we've listened to your song the ideas will definitely start flowing.

Step 2 - Concepts and ideas

We now need to put all of the ideas into action and come up with the final concept. We will go back and forth with you over email and phone to make sure we nail the exact look and feel you're after. We've worked with many different genres over the years, from metal to pop, country to hip-hop!

Due to this we've developed some pretty cool and crazy ideas to push the bounaries of what we can achieve. Having created many short films, documentaries and viral videos, we're never short of concepts. You're in safe hands with us!

Step 3 - Pre-Production

From dusty quarries to aeroplane hangers, huge overgrown forests to abandoned asylums, you name it, we've filmed there! The next step is sourcing a cool location to suit your video. We have access to a variety of interesting areas to use, including studios and other indoor places if the elements are against us.

At this stage we will get our in house equipment ready and sort out a date for the shoot. We have powerful lighting, steadicams, loud music playback, portable generators, smoke machines and of course the cameras to cover everything!

Step 4 - Lights, camera, action!

The day of the shoot will be expertly directed by our talented cinematographer Dan Sanchez. He will help guide you through the performance and make sure each and every take is done to the best of everyones ability. No matter how full on the shoot is, we'll make sure everyone's relaxed and has fun.

We're passionate here at MetalWasp and won't leave until we're satisifed we are 100% complete. Different angles, lenses, camera equipment, lighting and atmospherics will be used to make every shot as unique as possible.

Step 5 - Post-Production

This is where we take the time to get even more creative. We sync the shots with the full quality track then add cinematic colour grades and effects to make the video really pop! Our attention to detail, combined with our extensive knowledge of editing, means your vision will be brought to life.

The video is complete! At this stage a "directors cut" will be provided to you in case you wish to submit any changes. Once signed off we will supply links to the high quality downloads. The best part? Our turnaround time is usually within a week!

Step 6 - Your video is complete!

Hurray! Be sure to upload the web optisimed download we provide to YouTube and show it off to friends, family and everyone on social media. Get those views in and show what we've all worked so hard for! We will place the video on our official website and social media pages too.

You've got the go ahead for TV submission? We can provide the correct files to meet strict broadcast specifications and upload them on your behalf. We've had our videos air many times on MTV, Kerrang and Scuzz, so just ask!